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Beera Landloodi

Home Ownership Made Easy. We can help you construct, own, manage and maintain your ideal home or commercial property at affordable and effective cost

Cinam Investments (U) Limited is yet again bringing you a new product. Beera Landloodi”; Home ownership made easy is a dynamic product tailor-made to help you own your home, Villa, Shopping center, estate, you name it. Established in 2010, Cinam Investments is dynamic Development Company with a major aim of providing a one-stop center for the Real Estate services.

Majoring in Condominium, they also do management, construction, development and brokerage of a variety of property and projects. Beera Landloodi – Home ownership made easy; is a concept that came to us after listening to testimonies from Diaspora communities and individuals about being conned, duped or blindly robbed by individuals (relatives and family) and organizations both local and international.

With a track record and consistence in providing advanced property ownership through innovative technology, Cinam Investments is set to offer you the lowest cost, effective and innovative solution to your real estate needs. 


Uganda’s economy has recovered momentum, growing at over 6% per annum over the last two years according to the Annual budget 2018-2019. This also reflects in the contribution through Remittances from Abroad (RFA) as seen below.


A substantial amount of these transfers is invested in Real Estate though through informal means. They rely on relatives, friends and family. This leads to fraudulence, inadequacy in return of investment, or even worse, none at all.

 Purchase of land or Property can be very challenging because it needs a lump sum of funds which is not readily available to everyone. Purchase of property one does not intend to use for long periods of time can be menacing if said property is poorly managed. This leads to destruction and depreciation.

Faridah Mwanje a mother of three left Uganda 20 years ago. She sent all her earnings to her relatives to construct her dream home, storied six bedroomed house but when she returned in 2015, the house was half done. Christine Kalema Amooti, a widow and resident of Bistol, East London lost all her property to a money lender through her relative she had entrusted as a caretaker to her properties before left.

Kabiito John Bosco, a resident Mendota, California purchased a piece of land in Sisa, Entebbe through a company measuring 12.5 decimals and when he returned home 2 years later, that same piece of land was sold to someone else and they had constructed a storied.


With our wide range of services, Cinam Investments surely is the best company for all your Real Estate needs. The services include;

With the above services, Beera Landloodi – Home ownership made easy; is tailor-made for the Diasporas in two categories, Acquisition, Management and Maintenance.


Management of funds
Cinam Investments through its financial institution seeks to establish partnerships with the client’s existing bank anywhere in the world for management of funds. This is to ensure a proper and smooth track of records for accountability.

Payment plan for Beera Landiloodi – home ownership made easy . We understand that everyone earns differently but has a dream to own their own home/property. Cinam investments through its financial partners will therefore provide a financial buffer for clients by securing mortages. Our payment plans are as follows.

Down payment method

This plan is for clients who have readily available funds and do not need any financial buffer. Cinam Investments will require a commitment fee of 25% of total budget to commence the works and the rest of the payment shall follow as per client’s preference

Partial Payment

This plan is to cater for clients who are low income earners but have the dream to own their own home/property. Cinam Investments require a 20% commitment fee and rest of the payment will be a mutual understanding between Cinam and client

Acquisition of land or property

Cinam Investments will ascertain that the land or property you have purchased is the right one, has the right documentation or paperwork, is in the right size and location.


Cinam Investments understands that client has different preference and interests in Real Estate be it residential, commercial or both. We therefore take pleasure in satisfying these needs by providing strategic plans (Architectural and administrational) considering geographical area and potential business hubs with a 12 t0 36 month projection.

Also being a local company, Cinam Investments has a very trustworthy chain of professional construction suppliers who come at a substantial fee due to our endless partnerships. From material, contractors to casual laborers, we deal with the best

Management and Maintenance

Cinam Investments through condominium will manage and maintain client’s property residential or commercial through sourcing for the right tenants, buyers, routine inspection, management of maintenance staff, supervision of repairs, etc.


Why should I invest with Cinam?

We have been in business since 2010 making us one of the leading Real Estate Companies majoring in Condominium development and management. We withered through the 2014-15 economic crush and are still standing. Cinam Investments manages some of the biggest shopping arcades in the capital city Kampala, residential homes and have sold over 1000 units through condominium. Our work precedes us

What makes you different from other property management companies?

Cinam Investments is a Ugandan owned company making us very knowledgeable on Ugandan Real Estate. Through our vast experience, we understand the market better than anyone else out there both on supply and demand. We helped Kabiito John Bosco (3.4 above) secure another plot (12.5 decimals) from the company where his plot had been sold.

Can I own a land/property communally, How?

Yes, property can be owned communally in accordance
with the 2004 land regulations act of Uganda. Cinam Investments will give you guidance on land/property ownership to satisfy your interests. What happens in the event that one of the parties cannot fulfilling the conditions of communal ownership? In the event of breach of agreement, Cinam Investments together with the client will go into arbitration and devise means on a way forward

Cinam Investments insured?

YES! Cinam Investments is insured. 

Thank you for investing with Cinam Investments Limited through BEERA LANDILOODI – home ownership made easy. 

Home Ownership Made Easy

 A Lasting solution to your dream

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